• How do I get a pattern?
  • How much material do I need to make a set of Wings?
    • Two and ¼ yards each of two pieces of fabric, one for the top, and one for the bottom.
  • Can the Wings be made of smaller pieces sewn together?
    • Yes, you can “quilt” smaller pieces together before you cut out the Wings.  Or you can piece it down the center.  To do that, make a seam allowance when you cut it out, then sew the two pieces right sides together. Then use these Wings to cut your back piece.
  • How much does it cost to make a set of Wings?
    • That depends on the fabric you select to make them out of.  You can find 100% cotton material sometimes for as little as $1 yard….but you may want to buy a little extra in case that shrinks when you wash it.  For the soft backing material, regular fleece is generally cheaper than Minkie.  You can find fleece on sale for between $4-8/yd but the Avalyn and Minkie fabrics can be as high as $17/yd.  Coupons from fabric stores help reduce the cost, of course, and shop the sales when possible.
  • How long does it take to make a pair of Wings?
    • That depends.  Including machine washing the fabric first?  If you start timing at the point of cutting the fabric out, it takes about 2 hours.  Sewing together can take about one and ¼ hours, depending on if you use basic straight and zig-zag stitches, or if you use the machine embroidery stitches for some stitching it takes longer.  If you cut out extra hearts for a three-D effect, it will increase the time it takes to make the Wings also.  You do get quicker with practice.  The more you make, the faster you make them.
  • Who can make Wings?
    • Anyone with the desire and a sewing machine.  There are no rules about who can make Wings, organizations with craft groups, individuals, families…..you just can’t sell them for profit.
  • Who are the Wings for?
    • Anyone and everyone!  Generally Wings are for those who need comfort and healing, but isn’t that really all of us?  There is no such thing as a wrong person to receive them.


Tips and Shortcuts

  1.  When choosing where to leave the gap for turning the Wings right side out, I like to use the bottom of the right wing tip just past the curve of the tip where there is a straight spot.  I reverse the pin that will indicate stop sewing here at the top of the opening and I begin my sewing at the bottom of the gap.
  2. Clip all around the Wings before turning especially around the wing tips and into any places where you made a sharp corner.  Then I reach into the gap and grab the inside of the opposite wing tip.  Usually one good shake or a couple gentle pulls along the length of the Wings inverts them.  Then, I go around the Wings pulling the seams apart gently to insure that I didn’t miss some edges and also to prepare the Wings for the Top Stitching.
  3. Do the top stitching before the hearts. I don’t use pins for the top stitching.  I go slowly and apply gentle pressure holding the edge of the opposite side the Wing to ensure that no puckering gets stitched down and that the edges haven’t rolled back in on themselves.
  4. Make a guide pattern to use for sewing the stitches from the top to the bottom of the Wings to make the first heart shape.  A guide made from pellon has worked well for me in the shape of a half heart.  That way I can pin it to the Wings in the appropriate place depending on the size of Wings I’ve made, Adult, Youth or Baby and let the pressure foot follow along the guide to make a perfect line.
  5. Make a second guide pattern of a complete heart with it’s center cut out to allow you to sew using both the inside and the outside of the heart to sew two of the 3 hearts inside the larger heart created by the first tip above.  When you pin it one the Wings you can adjust the length on the heart to the size of Wings if necessary by folding a small amount of the right and left bottom halves of the heart and pinning them down.
  6. Use the pattern for the pocket to make the third heart pinning it inside the center of the heart cut away guide.  You may also want to make a separate guide pattern by modifying a pocket pattern, making the top of the heart shape a little deeper.
  7. Have the verse silk screened onto fabric so you can sew it onto the Wings instead of using a card and pinning it on.  You can use it as a pocket, heart in center back, or anywhere you want to sew it onto the Wings.
  8. Use your front fabric as the pattern for the backing and cut them with wrong sides together and use your serger to put them together.  This eliminates the turning, clipping and top stitching around the edges.  Using the serger method you can make a pair of adult Wings in about 45 minutes.