Peggy Quallen

"The Wings of Love are a blanket that is hand made and given to people in need of healing or comfort.  I made the first one for my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then through a misunderstanding of what I had made one of my sisters told my other sister that I should make her one and the wing shape came from there ..."

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Jenny Wern

"I wore my Wings of Love made for me by my sister. Two things happened at the event that started the local Wings Project..."

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Dear FTWOL members,


The following is an introduction to the loving works of the International Association of Touchers (IAT), a non-profit organization.  The International Association of Touchers are a group of individuals working together for the betterment of man kind, one touch at a time.  This website was created in the hopes  1. to demonstrate the Wings of Love project, 2.  to centralize a place where all IAT members can collaborate, and 3. to track the Wings of Love 'flight path' (i.e. a list of where all the Wings have landed around the world).

We provide our patented Wings of Love shawls to those who need them, like people suffering from cancer or other serious illness and/or their caregivers.  Even newborns at our local hospital can be the recipient of our labor of love. These Wings of Love are distributed through other charitable organizations who meet the recipients on the front lines and can feelthe need and then feel the results.  Each shawl is hand made, with the love sewn right in, and comes with this special message:

Those who are touched, continue to touch others in their lives and this is how the love will spread around the world, one touch at a time.

This is how we do it.  With help from you, and others like you, we collect donations of cash, materials and most importantly, time.

Those who can sew and have the time, create the end results that are given to those in need.

Those who can shop find the best deals for the materials needed to make and distribute the Wings of Love.  Items like fabric, thread, pattern paper, markers, envelops, postage, boxes and anything else that is necessary for the Wings of Love to make their way to the special recipients.

For those who can't sew, don't have the time but who really want to help can do so by giving a tax-deductible cash donation to the cause. We will take care to make sure your donation reaches as many people as possible through the Wings of Love program sponsored by the International Association of Touchers.

Of course, if you know of another way that you can be of service, we want to know about that too.  Feel free to discuss our project with your friends, family, co-workers, business associates, professional organizations. You can contact us through our Wing Master

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The Healing Angel
As inspired by Thomas - Summer 2004

Healing angel from above 
Wrap me in your wings of love. 
Softly whisper in my ear 
Words of healing to calm my fears. 
Touch me with your healing breath 
And in your arms I will find rest.

Copyright Peg Quallen 08/2004
These Wings of Love were made especially for you by:


We hope that every community will have someone who is making the Wings of Love for those in need of healing and comfort in their home town.

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