Wings Project In Lake Havasu City, AZ
Date: Tuesday, June 13 @ 13:34:54 MST
Topic: Follow the Wings of Love

When my husband was diagnosed with Cancer in February 2006, a girl friend said she wanted to get a team together in his honor at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Event being held in April 2006 in Lake Havasu City, Az. When we participated in the event, I wore my Wings of Love made for me by my sister. Two things happened at the event that started the local Wings Project.

1. The nurses from the hospitals radiation department were also at the event and tried my Wings. They told the receptionist about them later and requested I bring them in to show and tell at my husband's next to last treatment. While doing my demo, one of the hospital volunteers happened in and saw them and suggested that if the women's auxilary had a pattern, they could make the Wings for the Chemo patients to wear during treatment. I agreed to see if I could get them the pattern.

2. The cancer survivors traditionally walk the first lap of the relay. I thought, wouldn't it be great if all the cancer survivors had their own pair of wings? I wonder if I could get people to help me make the 100 wings necessary for next years event? I went to the Relay for Life wrap up dinner and told those there about my plan. I got several volunteers to make wings.

Now, I am attempting some fund raising efforts to get local businesses to make small cash donations to the International Association of Touchers to cover the costs of the fabric so my volunteers will have what they need to make all the Wings we'll need for the survivors next year.

So far I have collected $600 and have set up a special account at a local fabric store for my volunteers to get the materials.

I promise to keep you posted on the progress of this very special Wing Project.

Jenny Wern

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